What we do


How can we help you get the benefits to which you may have entitlement? 

If you have served, or are currently serving, in the Australian Defense Force (ADF) or you are/was a dependent family member of one who has served, you may have an entitlement under Repatriation Legislation or from a range of other Government agencies, both Federal and State.

Each of our Support Centre’s has volunteer staff, who have received training under the Advocacy & Training development Program (ADTP), who may be able to assist you in the preparation of the necessary documentation needed to make such claims.  The type of assistance that can be provided includes:

  • Sourcing the documentation needed to support claims for compensation;
  • Preparation and submission of claims documentation under the various Compensation and Repatriation Acts administered by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs;
  • Preparation and representation of appeals to the Veterans’ Review Board and to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal;
  • Provide information on what welfare support may be available from the various support agencies and assistance with the preparation of associated documentation; and
  • Provide information in relation to a range of other support activities including any need for assistance from a community or Government provider of health, housing, community or other services or benefits including discussions regarding the services available and how to access them, attendance at a provider meeting and/or acting for or on behalf of a person with the service provider if so requested.

In providing this support Practitioners, including pension and welfare officers, advocates and others who assist the veteran community, are required to comply with a Code of Ethics. Such persons have a responsibility to maintain a high standard of ethics in order to safeguard their own integrity and to protect the interests of veterans and their families.


The ADTP Code of Ethics can be located at: